im passive af u can walk all over me and i’ll prolly say hi and hold ur hand its a rlly big problem but whenever i try to stand up for myself i get hate blogs dedicated to me or ppl hate me bc i dont want to be walked over anymore and it sucks???? ???????? and its just not f air

the only thing good about my ex is this lil jump walk she did it was rlly cute she walked all bouncy even when she was mad her walk made her look rlly cheery and silly and it was cute for a time???? b4 she turned out to be abusive and manipulative but that walk is still chill with me

i had a dream about this rabbit that if it could too scared it would die and you couldn’t touch it or look at it and i remember trying to force it to play with me and it died and then i died and i was a ghost and i was like ????? i was the bunny????????? and then ppl just starting stealing my stuff and no one could hear me and people just kept taking everything that i loved and i was very mad

ok so if i say “yo i have issues with anxiety” no one belives me bc im not showing symptoms at the moment, but the moment i do they are like WOAH THERE CALM THE FUCK DOWN and either way no one believes u and everyone is dumb af

i feel fat af and i think about vomiting or just stopping eating all the time and its fuck ed up that i just cant and i shouldnt try to ed isnt fun no one rlly gets over it but idk being thin would be cool but i have 0 self control im fucked

i don t like drugs i did weed with my ex once and i did not like it i couldnt think or remember anything and i started twitching and i felt like i was losing my mind i could pay attention to anything it was not funny it was not fun it was bad drugs are bad dont do drugs they will fuck you up

so yall kno pennywise the clown from the series it??? and how its not actually a clown but a being that takes on the shape of what you fear most and i didnt have to think about it long to know what it would turn into for me it would appear as the dude from all my nightmares, and he looks completely normal but there is something about him that disturbs me to no end